What's new with idemeum
Aug 05, 2021

Launched our Single Sign-On and provisioning platform

We are excited to share that we completed our first milestone for Passwordless Application Management platform.

Today we are releasing: 

  1. Passwordless onboarding with HR system - employees can onboard with idemeum decentralized mobile identity. Once identity is set up on mobile device, new hires scan QR code, we verify identity with HR system, and then onboard users into an organization. Today we support BambooHR and more HR systems are coming soon. 
  2. Account provisioning with SCIM - we automatically create user accounts with SCIM. We will shortly be releasing our custom provisioning connectors for Google Workspace and O365. 
  3. Single Sign-On for SAML apps - you can now set up SAML applications for Single Sign-On. Next we are going to be working on supporting shared password applications.

You can now set completely passwordless SSO using idemeum platform. Connect your SaaS applications using SAML, enable SCIM provisioning to automatically create accounts, and use decentralized passwordless MFA to access all corporate applications.

Mar 01, 2021

Launched our Passwordless MFA

We are excited to share that we launched our Passwordless MFA for iOS and Android devices.

It is not yet another MFA, but rather a digital identity on a mobile device. Using idemeum your employees can:

  1. Set it up in 2 minutes by verifying email address, phone number, and optionally driver's license
  2. Self-onboard into organization by scanning the QR code
  3. Access any corporate application with biometrics

No passwords. No hassle. Private and secure.